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Be Deliberate

As I’m typing this post, each stroke on the keyboard has my full attention. Part of me wants to race ahead and “git-r-done”, as Larry The Cable Guy says. Often that part has to take over, such as when work deadlines force me to be productive and, well, git-r-done. I’ve learned to type well enough that I don’t have to think about it – I just form the words in my mind, then direct them to my fingers and they come out on the computer screen.

Except when that racing part of me gets ahead of itself and the letters come out in a jumble. Then it’s type-type-type-type … backspace-backspace-backspace … type-type-type … backspace-backspace … you know how it goes.

The alternative to this kind of breathless living is being 100% deliberate with each thing we do. When you can, put your whole being into every move you make. Look at any video of Keith Jarrett playing piano – sometimes he stoops over the keyboard and uses his entire body to play a single note. This isn’t just great showmanship!

Stop and take a deep breath if you need to, to clear the mind, before making your move. When you take action this way, how many mistakes do you make? When you race ahead, driven by the breathless mind, how many mistakes do you make?


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