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Natural Wisdom

Do you ever get the feeling that for each problem you face, there is a solution hidden in plain sight? That even if the situation seems impossible, there really is a solution just waiting to be discovered, and that if you had enough experience, or enough patience, or enough presence of mind, you would see it?

There is a natural wisdom available to us. And, there is something preventing us from connecting with it. We can call it “habit”, or “conditioning”, or “autonomic responses”. Whatever we call it, when I consciously refrain from letting those kneejerk reactions take over, a clear naturalness appears and I find my actions are unhurried and organic. These actions bring the best results for me and those around me.

This is the subject for the next chapter I’m adding to the Zen Mindfulness Cloudbook. It’s about an aspect of prajna, what I like to call natural wisdom, and what gets in the way of it. I’ll be sending out an email when the chapter is published – if you’d like to be notified, feel welcome to sign up on the email list.


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Hi All –

I’ve published my Zen Mindfulness book as a “cloudbook”, something new I’ve created. Somewhere between a traditional paper book and a website yet not an e-book, it’s a linear, living work that resides in the internet cloud. I’ll be continually updating and refining the content as well as presentation. I want it to present the principles and practice of Zen Mindfulness clearly, yet also be enjoyable to read.

In its introductory form the cloudbook contains an updated version of my Three Steps to Mindfulness manual along with two new sections containing my reflections on mindfulness and Zen. It begins with six chapters on mindfulness and five on Zen; I’ll be adding new chapters each week or so as they’re completed.

I want this to be interactive, with readers posting comments on individual chapters – this will help me improve the work. For now, I’ve put a link at the bottom of each chapter for readers to email their ideas; soon I hope to have a comment facility built in.

Please visit the cloudbook and let me know your reactions! Find it here: Zen Mindfulness Cloudbook.

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